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D-Light Inverter i1600

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D-Light Inverter i1400


Product Features :

Model Name :i1400
System Rating :900VA
Operating DC Voltage: 12V
Maximum Solar Array Power:500 Wp
Type of Solar Charger: PWM
Max Current Rating of SCC: 40.0 Adc
The efficiency of SCC :>90 %
Nominal Output Voltage in Inverter Mode :220V ± 7V Vac
Max Battery Charging Current by Solar: 20±2A Adc
Max Charging Current to Battery by Solar+Grid 20±2A Adc
Grid Low Cut Voltage (UPS load/Normal load):180/100 ± 10 Vac
Grid High Cut Voltage (UPS load/Normal load): 265/280 ± 10 Vac
Selection of UPS Load/Normal Load : YesSelection of Operating Mode HC-Charging Current = 20A ±2A Solar + Mains till Battery Boost Voltage with Maximum Solar
Sharing. System will not be Disconnect Grid in Any Case
EC-Charging Current= 20A ±2A Solar + Mains till Boost Voltage, System will Cut-off the Mains
when Battery Voltage Reaches Boost Voltage Level and Output Load is Transferred to Solar +
Battery and Grid Reconnected <=11.8/11.2V Per Battery.
Noise @ 1 meter <50 dB
Protections Overload, Battery Deep Discharge, Battery Overcharge, O/P Short Circuit (1 Retry), Battery Hi,
PV Reverse, Over Temp, Fuse Trip, Battery Reverse
LCD Display Parameters PV Current, Battery Voltage, Mains Voltage, UPS ON/OFF, UPS Mode, Symbol of Sun (Smily) if
Solar Available, (Non-Smily Symbol in the absence of Solar), Load Percentage (0 to 125%), Over
Load, Short Circuit, Fault, Battery Low, Over Temperature, PV Reverse, Fuse Trip, (Customised LCD )
Indications LEDs 4 LEDs for Switch Status
Operating Temperature Range: 0-50?C
Storage Temperature Range:0-65?C
Front Panel Details Display with Tact Switch


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