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Pringle 5 Litres Aluminium Pressure Cooker| Stella 5L

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Pringle 3 Litres Aluminium Pressure Cooker| Stella 3L



The biggest positive of Pringle pressure cooker is time can be reduced by around two-thirds. Pressure cooking is faster because much more steam and energy is trapped inside, whereas with regular pots, the energy escapes.

Specially formulated food grade rubber with longer life, does not impart colour, taste or odour to the food

Pringle Pressure cookers use heat in a much more efficient way than regular pans, meaning that energy is saved. As well as resulting in lower energy bills, which will save you money over time, this also makes them more environmentally friendly.

Taste is an indispensable element of cookery, and pressure cooking helps to lock in all of the flavors that can so easily be dissipated using conventional cookery. That makes Pringles pressure-cooked meals extra delicious.


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