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V-Guard solar inverter solsmart 1750/24V


VGUARD Nextgen Pro 1200 (600wp,900VA 12 V)

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Nextgen Pro 900 (up to 600W,750VA. 12 V )


Power Saver Max: During this mode, the system will cut the grid power based on battery state of charge (SoC) i.e. the level of charge of the battery relative to its capacity and available solar power. Available excess Solar Power will get used to run connected loads and an automatic transfer of load to mains will be there if the load demand is higher than the generation. Kindly note that this mode is recommended to be used where the solar panel is as per rated capacity and power cuts are of small duration or load demand is less.

Normal Mode: In this mode, the solar power will be used only to charge the battery, and this mode is recommended  in the areas where power cuts are of longer duration and load demand is high.

This product is suitable to run Desktop Computer, Fan, TV ( upto 43 (108 cm), Mixer Grinder ( 450 W), Room Cooler ( up to 180 W), Tube-light, CFL/ESSL approved LED Bulb. Please ensure that continuous load is more than system rated capacity (600W) and should not be bypassed through this system for its reliable and efficient working.


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